A new dawn is the ultimate metaphor for the endless opportunities that lie ahead.
That's why we've been photographing every sunrise since 2005.


Every sunrise - since 2005

From mornings so calm that the ocean mirrors the sky to dramatic days when nature puts on a show, every dawn is unique. And every day, our photographers are out on the beach, waiting to catch the day’s first light.

We do this because every day is special to someone. We want to capture the start of each new day and celebrate the hope, optimism, and endless opportunities that lie ahead.

Our story began on Teddy's first day...

The story began on the day Teddy was born. Our founder, Gavan Goulder, took a photo and scribbled underneath “Teddy’s First Day”. He gifted it to the parents. They were so touched by the present, and before long word spread about the concept and requests started to come in. 

Gavan decided that from midsummers day 2005 he would start taking daily sunrise photos. The concept was simple: photograph every dawn so that the positivity and emotion of a new day could be celebrated by those whom it meant the most to. Every day is special in some way to someone. Gavan had the tools at his disposal to capture those moments and allow customers to share those moments.

21st June 2005
21st June 2005 - Our first Sunrise

Living on the shores of St Ives Bay meant that Gavan was blessed with one of the finest backdrops in the world. A location steeped in history and art and well known for it’s unusually stunning light. The close proximity to bed was also a bonus!

Once the sunrise images began to stack up the brand began to grow, especially as people like Elton John and Emma Bunton purchased and sung The Day That’s praises. They, along with the growing customer base saw the unique and sentimental connection that the images created. The simple and effective way to frame a moment, a perfect story being transformed into a tangible and beautiful product and piece of art.

Hard at work

The early enthusiasm and images were possibly something of a rose-tinted view. Gavan quickly learnt that not every sunrise is a stereotypical kaleidoscope of colours, (we live in Cornwall, not the Caribbean!). Actually, many of them are pretty wet, windy and uninspiring at first glance. However he found ways to adapt to the ever changing conditions, learnt new techniques and was able to come away from every dawn with a set of beautiful pictures.

Over the course of time Gavan decided he really needed a lie-in… badly! So a small team was formed, operating on a rota’d basis to help not only capture the images but also help with the printing, production and enquiries from the lovely customer base. The team has grown, the customer base has grown, and we’re proud to have an amazing loyal & engaged fan base that now also includes talented Musicians, Royals, Actors and Presenters!

Wind and rain = stunning

The rest, as they say is history…. but to this day the ethos has stayed true: capture the sunrise every day, embrace the conditions and take photographs that will act as stunning sentimental reminders of all the hope, optimism and endless opportunities that lie ahead.

Our customers all have the most beautiful stories to tell and we are touched that you use our photos to immortalise those stories. We aren’t there for ourselves, we are there for your moments, for your special days. Thank you to each and every one of you!

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the endless possibilities of each new day.

Three's a crowd... four's a party!
"Every time we look at our pictures, it still brings back that wonderful memory of the day our children were born. They have been a fantastic timeless gift"
Rusty Howes - Hearts
Training up the new generation...

The best wedding gift on the market

Emma Bunton


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