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Every picture is handmade to order using the finest materials. The level of skill and attention that goes into producing your beautiful picture from The Day That is second to none.
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From the moment our talented photographers step out of their houses well before dawn each day we are on a mission to capture the beauty and emotion of your special new day dawning. 

When you order one of our prints the images are then lovingly hand-crafted into stunning personalised works of art that will be treasured for a lifetime. Here’s what goes into producing a picture from The Day That. 

Your photographers...

All our team members have been through months of assisted training before becoming a fully rota’d member of the team.

Consider it making them ‘battle-ready’ since sometimes conditions can be pretty brutal. We train them up to be ready to shoot in all conditions and capture the natural beauty evolving the moment a new day started. 

They leave the comfort of their beds well before dawn (this can be as early as 03:30 in summer!) and start shooting the pre-dawn light, long exposure wave movement, different aspects and foreground focus… moving around the beach and capturing whatever they feel will work best on that day. Usually it’s just them on the beach, perhaps accompanied by an early morning dog walker, seal, or sea bird having their morning feed. 

Usually the photographer will spend around an hour on the beach each morning at various locations around West Cornwall based on the conditions forecasted. They always start well before official dawn and finish shortly after sunrise. They’ll often shoot around 100 photographs each morning on state of the art cameras. 

Your editors...

Once the photographs have been taken they are fed back to one of our editors (usually Kieran or Jordan), who brings them onto the computer and whittles the pictures down to the best 10 or so shots to try and collate a variety of styles to suit all tastes. 

They will then micro scrutinise the pictures for any dust spots, blemishes or photobombing seagulls. We do get a lot of seagulls!

Any imperfections will be touched up and the images are sometimes ever so slightly colour corrected to ensure the best print possible. However we do try and keep the colours and saturation true to what the photographer saw on that morning. 

Once these steps are all finalised they are uploaded to the website ready for you to choose your beautiful personalised picture. 

Your framers...

When an order is placed via the website our studio team check the details over for any common typos or anomalies. If we spot anything then the customer is contacted to check. 

Once they’re happy it is passed to our framing team who lovingly print and assemble your picture into stunning personalised works of art that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

All pictures go through numerous rounds of quality control checks to ensure each and every one leaves us in perfect condition. Every picture is handmade to order using the finest materials. 

The pictures are then carefully packaged up and collected by our delivery partners ready for you to hang on the wall or gift to a lucky recipient

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There's still time to order for Christmas!

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