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Doing our part for the environment as well as your beautiful pictures.

Our new glazing is better than ever...

Once upon a time we used to send all our pictures framed with good old fashioned glass. It was just accepted that this was the best thing to do a fine art print justice. Naturally this is inherently liable to breakage and also requires a huge amount of packaging to absorb any shocks from our delivery partners, no matter how dainty they are with your beautiful pictures. 

A very clever supplier then said to us “Sending glass in the post is a mugs game” 

So we said “Go on then show us what you’ve got”

They went away and came back saying “Tadaaaa…” 

We were shown samples of their new Clarity+ Acrylic glazing alongside our traditional glass and also some cheap styrene just for good measure. The styrene was awful and scratched really easily, but we couldn’t tell the difference between our existing glass and the the Clarity+ glazing. In our opinion it outperforms on every level. 


Now you can enjoy your stunning sunrise prints and experience an astounding level of clarity not seen before. The pictures appear razor sharp and colour more vibrant than ever, from all angles. 

The Clarity+ glazing doesn’t scratch or break easily, has a high UV resistance and doesn’t yellow over time, so there’s less to distract you from your picture. 

It’s revolutionised our business and makes your pictures look incredible. 


Furthermore this new glazing system has helped us cut down on our packaging massively. Gone are the days of wrapping endless amounts of single use plastic bubble wrap around your pictures and working with the same supplier we now use a very clever packaging system that’s been designed to protect the pictures perfectly during its journey from us to you using minimal plastic waste. 

We now use an cushion of ‘card and air’ within a smart box designed around your picture. Frames are now suspended in a smart box that incorporates a car style crumple-zone designed to absorb shocks during transit for when those dainty delivery partners become not so dainty with your lovely gifts. 

Your box may look a little rugged but it’s one of the cleverest systems around and at the same time we’re saving the oceans! 


Every sunrise - since 2005

From mornings so calm that the ocean mirrors the sky to dramatic days when the sea puts on a real show, every dawn is unique.

And every day, our photographers are out on the beach, wrapped up well, waiting to catch the day’s first light. It’s usually just us, and the odd seal or early walker. 

It’s a beautiful, magical time to be up and about. We do this to capture the start of each new day, because every day has significance for someone, and we believe the dawn light captures the essence of a new beginning, a celebration!

"Such an amazing photo of a date that is very special to us. The quality and the detail is amazing! So happy with how it turned out! Wish I purchased it with a frame though."
Emma Evans

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There's still time to order for Christmas!

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