Environment & Sustainability
Walking the talk and doing our part for a greener future.

Most of our products started life as a tree...

We take this fact seriously and work to ensure that we’re we’re protecting and creating more sustainable forest than we’re using. As such we’ve ensured that all wooden mouldings are sourced from suppliers who hold the PEFC™ and FSC chain of custody certifications.

The Day That aims to strike a balance between social, environmental and economic responsibilities and strives to improve environmental standards within the business.  We therefore try to minimise our negative impact on the environment in the following ways: 

Reducing our impact:

  • Selling products made from sustainable or recycled  materials.
  • Working to ensure all wooden products are sourced from suppliers who hold the PEFC™ and FSC chain of custody certifications.
  • Using recycled and upcycled materials in packaging, and if this is not possible, using the best eco alternatives.
  • Reducing our office energy consumption, recycling waste and minimising what we send to landfill.
  • Travelling by rail rather than by car or air when possible.
  • Travelling by foot or bicycle to our dawn shoots. Despite all the hills! 

Suppliers & Sourcing

Whenever we source new materials from suppliers we now automatically pause to evaluate the environmental impact before proceeding.
Our policy is to use wood only from suppliers who hold the PEFC™ and FSC chain of custody certifications.

Energy & Consumption

Resources are precious. We aim to turn off computers and other electrical devices when not in use. Turn off lights off when not needed. Minimise the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable products. The team are encouraged to walk or bike to work or shoots where possible.

Waste & Recycling

At The Day That we are conscious about our waste management and how much historically has been sent to landfill. We're striving to be a zero landfill company. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle adorns the studio and kitchen. We strive to recycle all paper, glass, plastic, tins and cardboard and are making giant leaps in reducing our wastefulness and over-use of resources.


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