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Thank you for agreeing to receive one of our beautiful sunrise photographs. Personalised just for you. Here's all the info you need about what will happen next...
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Working together...

If you’ve not yet received your print then it should be with you in the next few days. 

Here follows useful information that you should read before posting about us. By placing an order with us you are agreeing (broadly!) to follow the guidelines set out below. We say broadly – we’re a friendly and flexible bunch, the below isn’t prescriptive, but we are sending out valuable hand-made products that have been given a huge amount of love and care, right from the moment the photographer’s alarm goes off.  We’re keen to make this collaboration work for both of us. 

We hope that you’ll treasure the picture for many years to come and are excited to be working with you!

Do contact Tom or Gav for any further information or to discuss any elements below: partnerships@thedaythat.co.uk / 01392 793107

What are we looking for?

A long term partnership with you that raises awareness about our unique range of personalised sunrise gifts. We’re looking to gain new genuine followers and hope to even create a few sales! 

More importantly we’re after a happy partner who’s been sent “one of the most unique gifts on the market” (Emma Bunton once said that about us)!

We’re sure you’re going to be thrilled with your lovely picture, we want you to love it, and hope that your followers love it too. 

We have a tricky product to explain, (why would anyone photograph the sunrise every day?) but when you see the picture in the flesh you’ll understand why this is so much more than a personalised gift. The more emotion you can put into your post the better. 

A mixture of lifestyle images, closeups, video and explanation of the concept really helps explain our unique offering. 

Smiles – lots and lots of smiles! 

What's the deal?

We’d hope to feature in the following posts: 

  • 1x initial dedicated Grid Post explaining the concept complete with swipe for closeups / detail.
  • 1x follow up Grid Post within 4 weeks with it in situ or reminiscing about why you love it.
  • 3-4 stories mixing up video and images explaining the concept and emotion. These could take the form of:
  1. “Wow, look what’s just arrived, it”s amazing, you’ve got to check these guys out” + swipe up.
  2. Explaining the concept. Video could pan across the product to give it context with an explainer.
  3. Explaining the purpose of the picture and what it means to you.
  4. Promoting your discount code and encouraging audience to check out their days on the website + swipe up. 
  • Tagging us into any future posts where we feature. 
  • Tagging us into relevant comments, encouraging people to check out their days.

Photography Style:

The more humanised the better. If it’s for a baby, then try and include the picture next to the baby, older children could be holding it, gazing over or pointing at it, or cuddling together as a family. Lifestyle imagery is great! 

If it’s for a grown-up celebration or romantic occasion, then let’s try and capture the joy and emption that the picture brings into your photos. 

If it’s in an interior setting, then do watch out for reflections, and try and keep it in a stylish or relevant place. 

Above all, try and capture the emotion that the picture brings and what it means to you. 

A word about filters – try not to go too overboard with these, keep it natural… less is more!

The personalisation line is pretty discrete. We’ve found that a swipe for a closeup or a video scanning across the picture helps give it context. 

Partner Photography Style

Post Commenting:

It’s often overlooked, but when your post is live it’s likely to attract a volume of comments. If you tend to reply then please try to work our name into the replies. e.g. when someone says “I absolutely love that photo, what a gorgeous idea” then feel free to point back to us, with replies such as: 

“It’s lovely isn’t it – have you checked out your day yet: @thedaythatphotography”

We often find that the comments can really help build the understanding and emotion about the product. 

Once the dust has settled:

Without coming across as greedy, we’d also love to receive any of the following after the campaign: 

  • Any images or video if you’re happy to share them. Credit will be given where feasible to do so. This includes any unused images.  
  • Image usage rights for us to repurpose across marketing campaigns or social media. 
  • Perhaps a quick reaction video that we could cut into our marketing. 
  • A short testimonial / review that we can use in our own UGC campaigns.
  • A little feedback – good or bad, about what we do and our influencer approach. We’re still learning the ropes!
  • A quick discussion about any followup competition opportunities. This can work well for both of us! 

Need more help or inspiration?

Do get in touch if you need any further help or information with your post. We’re keen to make it a success for both of us!

Drop us a line via partnerships@thedaythat.co.uk or call us on 01392 793107



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Exciting News! 

Between now and Christmas we are making our sunrise prints more affordable to everyone! 

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There's still time to order for Christmas!

The cutoff for ordering any prints to arrive before Christmas has unfortunately now passed. You can still place orders but these will likely arrive early January. 

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