Coronavirus Update

It’s the right thing to do. We’re going to stay at home. 


We're staying at home...

Tom Freeland // 24th March

After many lengthy (virtual) discussions with the team we’ve taken the heartbreaking decision to suspend our daily shoots until further notice. We’ve photographed nearly every sunrise for the past 15 years, but it’s the right thing to do, right now we should all #StayHomeSaveLives 

Yes we could push the guidance, pretend we’re out for morning exercise, justify that it’s work we can’t do from home etc etc, after all there aren’t many people around at dawn and it’s social distancing at it’s finest, right? Wrong… the right thing to do is stay home. The reality is that as soon as we leave our home we’re putting ourselves and others at risk so we’re going to do the right thing and stay home. 

My wife works in the NHS so the situation is even more real for us. The stories coming out from the hospitals is truly scary, and the effort they are putting in is incredible, but by sending the team out as usual has the potential to compromise this so we’re going to all stay home.  

Our team often visit different beaches each morning, they drive around or cycle if they can’t walk. Even Gavan this morning who has the (very enviable) benefit of trundling along the coast path to Hawkes Point, didn’t see a sole, didn’t meet or interact with anyone, yet still reluctantly felt the right thing should be to stay at home. It was very fitting therefore that he shot the last dawn today (for the timebeing) and the first one nearly 15 years ago. See below.

It was a stunning morning, so peaceful and clear, nature has such a way of bringing beauty and calm to any stressful situation. However we’re not going to send a photographer out any more, we’re asking them to stay at home.

If you would like to support the team then please do buy that digital image you always wanted. We’ve dropped the price of this down to £20. Proceeds of any digital download or voucher will go directly to the team. It’s a bit like keeping a donkey fed…  

What now? 

Our whole unique model has indeed relied about capturing the dawn on your special day. Our archive is still there but we’re going to take the unprecedented step for the foreseeable of re-posting our favourite photos we’ve taken from that day over the past years and put them up on the site during these unprecedented times. We’ll share them about via social channels, call it a trip down memory lane, and if you like them then please buy or share. Just to clarify reposting an image is something we’ve always vowed never to do!!!

We’ll see what images we can collate over this period and update the site when we can. If you have any bright ideas then do get in touch with us via we’d love to hear from you. We’d love to keep the archive a genuine snapshot of dawn that day but we can’t keep sending a member of the team out. Whatever happens we’ll try and bring some much needed positivity to your days. 

We’ll keep a close eye on the guidance and as soon as it’s sensible to do so we’ll get the team back out there onto the beaches at dawn. For now they can enjoy a lie-in, guilt free since this is the responsible thing to do. 

What about the team? 

We’re adamant we will support our team through these tricky times. Like many people across the country they’ve seen their self employed income streams disappear overnight, but we’re a team and are going to do our upmost to support them and come out the other side stronger than ever. We have a huge list of tasks we were hoping to get through this spring and we’re going to stay positive, do our part and try and crack through them. Stay tuned. If you fancy supporting them then please feel free to snap up that digital image you were after and bag a discount at the same time – see below. 

What about my order? 

All current orders will be fulfilled and sent out by Thursday this week. There is the strong likelihood that supply chains will encounter problems in the coming days / weeks and operationally we should be staying away from the studio. We’ll therefore be winding down the manufacturing this week and push customers towards our digital products. It’s a pretty tough gig to expect just one person to fulfil orders, it’s very much a team effort. 

How can you help? 

  • First and foremost look after yourselves and each other. 
  • If you would like to support the team then please do buy that digital image you always wanted. We’ve dropped the price of this down to £20. Proceeds of any digital download or voucher will go directly to the team. It’s a bit like keeping a donkey fed. The download will also come with a chunky discount voucher you can exchange for a physical product when things get back to normal, which they will… stay positive, the sun will rise again. 
  • Lastly we’d love to use this time to aggregate any customer stories and pictures you have… We’re hoping to circulate and spread as much positivity over the coming weeks. Please do send any reviews, pics, video of you and your products over to or tag us in via social channels. Let’s spread some love and positivity. 

We thank you for your lovely messages, loyal support and understanding in these exceptional circumstances. We’re pretty gutted right now but look forward to hitting the beaches again soon.

Take care, stay positive, stay healthy

The Day That Team x

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