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The Day That - About Us


The Day That was born on the same day as my friends’ son, Teddy.

Teddy’s first day was beautiful, with a deep blue sky and that gorgeous bright spring light. Feeling inspired by both the birth and the weather, I took a photograph and gave it to the new parents, in a frame inscribed “6th April 2000, Teddy’s First Day”.

My friends loved it, and word spread. Others started to ask me to create a unique gift for them, too – and that was the birth of my new business, specialising in imaginative, personalised gifts.

Initially called “My First Day”, the business took a new turn on Midsummer’s Day in 2005. That morning, I took my first library photo of the sunrise – and I’ve taken one every day since then. And that’s what The Day That now curates, a collection of stunning dawn photos, which literally grows daily. From glorious striped sunrises to dramatic lowering skies, we have a record of every day since that midsummer morning.

Our studio is in Hayle in West Cornwall, where we see magnificent skies over the Atlantic. If you have a day you wish to commemorate, such as a wedding or a birth, we can provide you with an original, high-quality memento.

The thing we’ve learned since starting this journey is that every day is special. Every day brings its own beauty.

Gavan Goulder, Founder, The Day That.



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